AFAM is a unique toolkit for First Aid education

For Africans, by Africans

  • Specialists throughout Sub-Saharan Africa developed the guidelines on which AFAM is based. Special attention was given to African studies.
  • All the illustrations are with African models.
  • A panel of eleven African experts inside and outside the Red Cross guided the project. The panel discussed and validated the recommendations and didactical material.
  • AFAM-based didactic tools as developed by African partners will be electronically shared on the download page. This way African first aid organizations can share their AFAM-based tools.

Evidence based

The latest scientific first aid and prevention evidence are the fundaments of AFAM.


AFAM is ready-to-use and easy-to-use!

Make it yours

You can make AFAM yours! Just pick what you need to compose your manual, your first aid courses,... for your target audience. AFAM is a living, user-driven tool.

Validated by experts

Teaching first aid techniques and prevention advice means you take responsibility. Using AFAM means you meet your responsibility since all materials have been validated by experts.

High quality illustrations

All situations and techniques are represented by high resolution quality illustrations. They make AFAM well suited for educational purposes. A variety of illustrations have been developed to fit various didactic needs, including pictures, drawings and films of first aid interventions.

AFAM has been awarded

Every two years, the Belgian non-profit association ‘Ontwikkelingshulp Geneesheren en Apothekers’ (‘Development Assistance for Physicians and Pharmacists’) awards a € 2,500 prize to a project that promotes healthcare in developing countries. In October 2011 the association awarded the prize to Belgian Red Cross-Flanders for the AFAM project.

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