Develop your own first aid training materials with AFAM

  • Digital text
  • High quality images
  • Ready to use 
  • Flexible

What is AFAM?

Several African Red Cross National Societies expressed the need for First Aid materials adapted to the African context. In addition the World Bank identified First Aid training as a low-cost opportunity to decrease the burden of disease and injury in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Thus, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders decided to develop First Aid materials including prevention advice for the African context according to the latest medical and scientific data using the evidence-based practice methodology. And so AFAM, the African First Aid Materials, was born.

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How does AFAM work?

AFAM is a tool that helps you to develop first aid manuals, first aid courses (including prevention advice), posters, slides... It includes implementation guidelines. This guide advises on ways to tailor AFAM to the local context and target group.

AFAM puts texts and hundreds of quality African illustrations including youths, adults and elderly people from multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds at your disposal. AFAM can be used for many different target audiences.

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